Aparna Malpani

Professionally a Fashion Designer with amazing work experience in Mumbai. The strongest support in the journey of SEO Traffic site. She is gifted with this amazing skill of language and music. She takes off my burden of writing content, and she does it well.
She is a “Master of Photoshop” so most of my editing is happening through her

Arpiet  K Malpani

Arpiet K Malpani

Professionally a CA (Chartered Accountant) and by heart a Marathoner. Well, long journey in short- Technically I should be practising in my profession, or I should be in Job (what most choose to be). Born in the family of Marwadi seen the culture of business from birth, it was a dream to become an Entrepreneur. The Journey of all ups and downs, the path of uncertainty, truly speaking SEO – well I didn’t even know this term, SEO was an accident that happened when I went to learn Digital Marketing based on the recommendation of a friend (the tutor was highly uninterested and didn’t teach anything) all my investment was gone.

I m still thankful to my friend because I m loving this journey – helping business to generate leads, grow their business to next level and lot more.

I strongly believe in adding value to people’s life or business because it comes back in 2 fold that’s my faith and I have seen this in my relationship with friends, family etc.

Today in the very short time, I have the network of World Class SEO expert across the Globe with their support and learning today my website is the reflection of the learning I have received.

Giving up was easy, but I love being tough !!

Akansha Malpani

My little sister who takes care of logo and Graphic designing of my website. In the family, we call her “Selfie Queen”. Very straightforward and completely task-oriented.

She cannot sit ideally if work is allocated to her. Major support in my family for my uncertain journey. She helps me to keep things sorted. Highly understandable but sometimes very impatient, but i love her whatever she is

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