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How Do You Set Up The Syndication Network For A GMB-Wordpress-YT Package For Lease To A Business?
In episode 210 of Semantic Mastery’s weekly Hump Day Hangouts (, one participant asked how to set up the syndication network for a package deal including several GMB sites, a WordPress site and YouTube channel for lease to a local business.

The exact question was:

So if I have a group of GMB sites in the same metro area, and a WordPress site ranked on page one in SERPs, and a YouTube Channel with videos ranking on page one of Google’s video page, and I want to lease all of these as a total package deal to a business owner operating in the area, how do I set up the syndication network for this? Can I feed the RSS Feeds from ALL the GMB sites and the WordPress site blog into ONE generically branded syndication network, or do I need to set up separate networks for each GMB site and WordPress site? Thanks much for your comment!

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