If you are in a hurry to looking for Best Articleship in Surat

What is Articleship ?

It is the training which is been taken up by any student Pursuing CA. It is process of learning the work of CA in real time. This is sufficient because everyone knows about it.

It is Journey of learning and unlearning the real secrets of CA.

How to Select a firm ?

I personally believe there are some few criteria to look for before finalizing your firm.


Being an article we really don’t know what kind of work will interest me. Or is this right firm for me to learn as a trainee. Interest is so subjective, i personally believe any dig down deep builts interest. The process may be long but slowly and gradually you start enjoying.


Another big criteria to select a firm. Atleaset it was for me the most important in my articleship days.


The Kind of work really doesn’t matter. I am sharing this from a very experiential point of view. Until you complete your articleship and you CA final you really don’t know what to look for.


I completed my articleship from Mumbai Haribhaki one of the renowned firms in Mumbai. During my tenure i was part of Internal Audit department. My 1st Audit was in Goa- Reliance Energy. I was so excited about it.

Well in mumbai firms it is compulsory to wear formals and to be more disciplined in terms of clothing. I have not seen this in Surat. Well i am happy that i choose mumbai it gave me a whole new prospective of living a more discipline life with formals i.e which i Hated the most.

I was always given the low graded work from ticking to just finding loopholes. I never understood its importance till i went for a Fraud Audit in my CA work.

Learnt a lot of lessons during my time of articles travelling in locals from Andheri to Panvel from Panel to Virar. There is no end to my travel and my audit schedule. But i really enjoyed working in teams with new people all the time.

Most Important lesson learnt-  No one taught

    • Attitude towards is more important then any work. You can frame into a positive and a negative attitude. I was the most notorious of all my articles have missed so my office days. My extension days were almost a year.
    • Well it is more important to develop integrity, honesty and transparency. In a corporate environment everyone is thinking of their own development and growth no one is interested in your Growth as an article.
    • We develop the above attributes unconsciously from our seniors, we learn to tell lie to our client, we learn to avoid calls, we learn to run away from work. Initially when we start we really feel there is so much too learn. But during the process we miss out our spirit of learning and enthusiasm of work looking our seniors – how boring they are ?
    • Nothing is more important then a Service First mentality then just the attitude of procrastinating work for a client.
    • It took me so many years to understand this- the really essence of articleship was to built you more as person and not just the lame work.

If your articleship is just teaching you the work and not ethics- it is really waste of your life and time.

Well after working for 3 years in just internal audit today i m in Practice in Income Tax, GST and everything else. So moving forward you should learn to dig deep in every area you work. This will make your interest grow and will make you an expert in respective area.

Look for Expert what are they talking about the subject. They will make even the boring subject very interesting.


The most important attribute of choosing the firm to see whether the Manager / CA’s whom you are joining are living up their values. Living value based is more important then work. After becoming CA you automatically learn everything. It does not whether the firm is small or really big, it only what you are learning on day to day basis.

So Stop worrying about the kind of Work- look for right CA – Right people who can really foster your growth.

Any Questions you can mail directly – [email protected]

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